Monday, May 20, 2024

Electrical Connections—WAGO 221 **Updated**

I still really like the WAGO 221 connectors. They make solid connections to a wide range of different gauge wire. They are fully reusable. And come in a variety of different sizes. I did the film canister thing (see this post) for a few years, but water sometimes still got in, and it was a pain to cut the film canister lids. 

Last year I decided to take my electrical enclosures in a different direction. Rather than maximizing waterproofing, I decided to maximize water drainage.  I’m now mounting my boards and connectors about a foot off the ground and covering with a black painted deli container.

This design was really made possible by some 3D printed WAGO-221 brackets. I found these plans on Thingiverse. I had a few printed and they are great.

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