Monday, September 27, 2021

Electrical Connections — WAGO 221

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I wanted to share a new method I’m using for making electrical connections in my yard holiday setup. I’ve been looking for something safe, waterproof and ideally modifiable/reusable for when I change my mind/layout.

I’m sure that others have discovered these previously, but I am loving the WAGO 221 lever nuts. Works for AWG 12-24, rated for mains mower amps/volts. Apparently more common in Europe for household wiring, but also certified by UL for household wiring in the US. I’m only using them for 12V 5A DC circuits, but it’s nice to know they’ve been well tested.

I’m using 18g landscaping “lamp” wire and 35mm film canisters for my junction boxes. Here are a few pictures of my set up. 

*I have no financial connection with any of this. Just sharing something that works well for me. 
** I’ve also tried a similar product that I found on Ali-express. It is much cheaper. But also much lower quality. Perfectly fine for throwing something together, but the wires fit in less well. I’d also never use it with mains power.

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