Monday, May 31, 2021

PVC Shop Vac Adapter

So, it would be lovely if shop vac hoses came in a size that mated well with PVC pipe. Alas, this just isn't so. 

 There are basically three options:

1) Proprietary adapter

        Expensive, not available, still may not work well.

2) Use a flexible coupler outside both pipe and hose

        Works, but looks a little unfinished

3) Make an adapter yourself

        Use a hot air gun and concrete mold

Here's a not so quick video of the process.

1) anchor bolt to scrap wood

2) Make a cone shaped mold out of a PET soda bottle and some tape. 

3) put mold on top of bolt and fill mold with concrete.

4) wait for concrete to harden completely (several days)

5) remove plastic mold. 

6) Use heat gun to soften PVC

7) stretch PVC over concrete mold and allow to cool. 

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